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Educated as a teacher at Macdonald College (McGill University) in Quebec, I pursued an interest the arts, taking a Fine Arts course and studying the History of Art. I later became involved in mixed media (metal work, weaving, printmaking, design and colour) through Ontario Ministry of Education courses in Toronto, working toward an art specialist certificate in education. However, from the time I first enrolled in private pottery classes, I knew I had found my special medium - clay, all kinds of clay!

As a member of Toronto Potters Association, I increased my knowledge and skills through shared pottery workshops. I went on to study the Chemistry of Clay and Glazes at Ontario College of Art and Design. As a certified teacher, I have taught art curriculum in the elementary panel and have instructed pottery classes in after school programs.
I continue to support the arts with memberships of Toronto Potters Association, the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, and the AGO.

Working in home studios in Toronto's Beach area, I have pursued my passion for manipulating porcelain and stoneware since the late seventies. My pieces are either hand-built with slabs of clay, sculpted, wheel-thrown, or a combination of these techniques.

Recently profiled in Good Life Magazine and Local, my work has been represented in various Toronto shops, local craft shows, Gallery 402, Cobalt Gallery, Southampton Outdoor Art Show, Beach Garden Society Tour, and the Beach Studio Tour (2011- 2014).

The inspiration for my work lies in the lines, shapes, patterns and colours in my environment.Nature stimulates ideas: leaves; cracked earthy patterns in sun-parched mud; waves of sand and of water. Recently, I've been experimenting with the lines and motion of the trees in my life: the swaying of distant trees in the wind; crisp Y-shaped lines of winter branches as I travel through the treetops on a ski lift. Cityscapes are reflected in the stark, black and white design of some of my pieces.

 Manipulating wet clay and opening a kiln to the magical surprises offered in glazed pieces continues to be both alluring and therapeutic!

I welcome visits by appointment to view my work and to discuss personalized gift ideas.

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